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Laundry Tips for Twin XL Sheets
Life at college usually includes doing your own laundry. This job may seem a bit overwhelming but by following some simple steps, you can make it much easier.
Before you put any of your clothing or twin xl sheets into the washing machine, read the labels. Some fabrics are not meant to be washed in a machine and should only be sent to dry cleaner. Put those items into a specific basket that will enable you to keep them separate from the rest of your laundry and prevent the chance of them being ruined in a washing machine.
Some of your clothes need to be hung dry. If these items are placed in a dryer, they can become smaller or misshaped. If possible, put those in another pile. If not, be sure to remember to remove them from the washer and put them directly onto a hanger to dry.
Clothing with bright colors and a lot of dye, should be washed separately from any light colored fabrics that you have. If you wash them with your whites, you will probably end up with your whites becoming light shades of red and blue.
Dark colored clothing should also be separated. This will enable you to maintain the depth of these colors by using a liquid detergent that is meant for dark shades.
Use a stain remover product on any stubborn spots you may have on your clothes. Put one pile of laundry into the washing machine. Do not pack the items in. This will prevent the water and detergent from properly cleaning your clothes. When the washer is full of loosely placed clothing, measure out your detergent and pour it over the clothing.  Read the directions on the side of the detergent container to know the amount of liquid that you will need. Select the appropriate water temperature level for your load. Use colder temperatures on dark and bright colors and hotter temperatures on light and white fabrics. Finally, push or pull the start button, depending on the type of machine you are using. 
When the wash load is complete, place your clothing into the dryer. Remember to take out any items that will shrink or become damaged from heat. Place a fabric softener sheet in with the clothing. Select an appropriate amount of time for drying your clothes. A typical load will take about forty minutes. When the load has finished drying, take out each piece clothing and fold it neatly. Place the folded clothing into a laundry basket.