Social Media in College

Social media and college almost go hand in hand. There are a few college courses that even use social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to start discussion pages and post content related to class. College age kids use social media a lot.
According to a 2013 E-Expectations report, we see that college students are using social media more and more and there seems to be no end in sight.

Some people think that college students are wasting their time on social media and that they can be doing a lot more with that time like studying. Students are able to get newer and sleeker phones and these phones make visiting all of these sites even more convenient. Nothing sums this up better than the college explorer study that was done by Re:Fuel. It is amazing how even a generation ago, college students went to the library and actually checked out books and did research that way. College students today cannot even imagine doing a research paper without having the internet available to do all of their research.

The most commonly used social media today are Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. There are millions of college students that use all three of these every single day. As the world becomes more interconnected, college students want to stay connected with each other.