2016 Trends Among College Students

Quantifying your diet and workouts 

Many college students are resorting to using a Fitbit or apps such as myfitnesspal that can record your workouts and you can also log everything you ate in a day and the app will tell you how much calories, protein, carbs, etc. that you had that day.
Other college students are beginning to log their workouts and diet information or putting them into an excel spreadsheet. Anyway that you can record your diet and fitness results is a great thing.
The “freshman 15” is a very real thing around the country on college campuses and recording all of this information can help you realize how you are treating your body and if you are not treating it well then you can find out ways to change it. Below is an example of how myfitnesspal tracks your food intake.
With apps like FitBit, you are able to receive advice from professionals so you can really maximize your exercises and food intake. There are tons of apps that you can download for this and you can also call a nutritionist. Your school may even have one on staff. Interestingly enough, there is a college is Oklahoma that is requiring all incoming freshman to use a FitBit, read the story here.