3 Reasons Why College Students Love Coming Back Home For The Holidays


1Free Laundry

      No more using those pesky rolls of quarters. Knowing that you can bring all of your dirty laundry home without having to pay for it is a wonderful feeling. Nobody really likes doing laundry but when you don’t have to pay to wash and dry each load with quarters, it makes it much easier. Having said that, one of the most useful gifts you can get from a relative is not cash, but rather a roll of quarters.

    2.   Meeting Up With Your Old High School Friends. 

      Meeting at a local restaurant with friends from high school that went to another college is always a great time. Exchanging funny stories, talking about classes, talk about how gross the campus meals are, your roommate’s quirky habits, etc. It’s fun learning about how other colleges work and comparing it to your own college. You may even be very intrigued by one of your friend’s colleges that you think about transferring schools (maybe). College is a very unique time in a young person’s life and sharing those unique experiences is what makes college such a great time.

    3. Home-Cooked Meal


    Free food has never looked so good. A meal prepared by someone other than yourself and a microwave. It’s always nice taking a break from Ramen, Instant Mac and Cheese, and popcorn to eat a real hearty meal like steak and potatoes or chicken and rice. The only downside to the home-cooked meal is that it will take more than a few minutes in the microwave. You just can’t rush great food. The home cooked meal tastes better and is probably healthier for you than the typical college diet.